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    Tufts + Admissions: Beyond the Numbers: Breaking Down Highly Selective Admissions

    Ever wondered what really happens inside the highly selective college admissions process? Beyond the Numbers: Breaking Down Highly Selective Admissions, an interactive workshop designed by the Tufts University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, aims to show you. First, attendees will learn about academics and campus life at Tufts, setting the stage to talk about the community of students that Admissions seeks to admit.  Next, attendees will learn about the different components of a college application, and how those materials are evaluated by selective admissions offices. Finally, everyone will participate in a case study designed to resemble the admissions process, featuring five real applications from prior Tufts applicants. Beyond the Numbers: Breaking Down Highly Selective Admissions is a rare opportunity to get an inside look at what happens once applications are submitted. All are welcome, but pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

    Portfolio Days

    For students who are seriously considering a BFA or Combined Degree program with the SMFA at Tufts, a portfolio review is a great way to get valuable feedback on strengthening your work prior to applying. SMFA at Tufts admissions representatives attend several national and regional portfolio days open to the public. For more information on National Portfolio Days and what to bring to these events please click here.

    Group Travel

    In select areas each fall, Tufts University admissions representatives hold information sessions in conjunction with other colleges and universities. These events are an opportunity for students and their families to hear an overview of Tufts, ask questions about the admissions and financial aid process, and learn about other institutions that may be of interest.


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